From the recording Heartless Call (Single/EP)

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Heartless Call

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All instrumentation & vocals recorded and performed by John Sklove
Mixed by Stu Matthews
Mastered by James Trevascus

Copyright & Protection
2022 DELUJN /Pseudo Sound


I built this world
Then I ripped it to pieces
What has been learned?
At changing of the seasons
I stand in the stream
And watch it run
Forever curving
Around the sun
We built this world
Now you’re just looking out for number one

They say I’ve lost control
They say my mind’s been altered
Of all the lives I’ve loathed
Mine is nothing like my fathers
You had someone
Then you set them straight
You don’t want me to go
You don’t want me to stay
We built this world
Then you threw it all away

Go back and get some rest my friend
You know that I just can’t sleep at all
You need some time to clear your head
How do you stop a cannon ball?
We’ll hide our secrets until the end
Now that’s just such a heartless call
Needing you was my downfall

I built this world
Then I ripped it to pieces
Now the wind has turned
The wind does as she pleases
All aboard
For the goodbye train
Lovers cut the cord
Someday we’ll live again
We built this world
Then covered it all in rain

Meeting you was my downfall