All instrumentation & vocals recorded and performed by John Sklove except acoustic drums recorded and performed by John McEntire
Mixed by John Goodmanson
Mastered by James Trevascus

Copyright & Protection
2022 Pseudo Sound


Is it always gonna be this way
Have you finished trying to make me pay
I’m still in love with you, oh no I’m not ashamed
I tried my best to make things right again
But I said too much, so they did me in
Now I just can’t watch the end begin
Do you know that old saying if you’re in it for the fame
Don’t sign nothing and change your name
I thought you were me, I was you
We were one and the same
It isn’t always gonna be this way
If you see him on the street, what will you say
The disease of conceit, has led you all astray
Up and down to the middle
And I’ll go back for more
It’s no riddle what you’re using me for
I was almost honest and I’ll die a troubadour
All aboard the Glasgow train
For a drunkards bail, you’ll ride in chains
And you’ll crush each other just to stay in the game